A Creamy Load Down My Throat

01 A Creamy Load Down My Throat

Dante's girlfriend wants to have sex with him and he tries, but he's too big for her pussy!? Here I come to the rescue again! When I set him up in the bedroom he plays with his foreskin and gives himself a nice hand job while he massages his balls. After lubing him up I go down on his rock hard cock and feel it throbbing in my mouth. I start licking and playing with his balls as he grabs my head with both hands to show me the right rhythm. I can tell how much Dante is turned on so I take out my own rock hard cock. When I kneel on the bed next to him and start rubbing our dicks together he laughs nervously and with his eyes transfixed on my cock he says “Yours is kinda big!” That little action must have hit the spot because not 90 seconds later he moans, closes his eyes, and I take his big creamy load right down my throat. Dante says that it felt good and that he had been thinking about it all day at the restaurant. Hmm…Maybe they would consider bottling his loads for use as a salad dressing!

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